Etsy Startup Tips To Consider

Etsy is an ecommerce site that mainly focuses on vintage and handmade items. Whether you are artistic of just have an eye for vintage items, you can make money on Etsy. The fact that this is an online platform only means that you get the opportunity to open your creative self to a worldwide market and the sky is definitely the limit for you. To be successful though, you need to know what to do to sell and turn your hobby into a thriving business. Below we look at tips that will help you grow and make money with etsy.

Understand how etsy Works

Well, there is no way you are going to become successful if you do not understand how this platform works. Aside from having creative handmade pieces, you need to know how to post your items and clearly categorize them. This makes it both convenient and easy for your customers to find you. You may also need to go a step further and optimize your descriptions to further boost your visibility on this site.

Etsy is quite user friendly so getting to know how things work here should not be hard at all. The site offers various tools and services designed to make running your business easy. Everything from inventory to shop management tools, this site has it all and so much more. All you need to do is put these services and tools into good use and you will have an easy time growing your business.

Build your brand

The beauty of handmade items is that no single item is identical to another one. That said etsy is home to over one million sellers meaning that there are many sellers who are also selling similar or closely related items. Competition here is stiff, and just like in other ecommerce platforms you have to aggressively market your items. You also have to ensure that the products you sell are both unique and high in quality. This is the only way you will manage to build your brand and have customers coming to you instead of the other way round.

Make use of your entrepreneurial skills

The fact that this site is specifically designed for handmade and vintage items does not mean that you are locked out if you do not have or make any of these items, far from it. What this means is that you can sell anything that is handmade or vintage. If you can get a good supply of handmade items and sell on this site, go for it. The same applies if you can get vintage items. Vintage items here apply items that are 25 years and older.

Whether you are the creative mind behind the item you are selling or not, your business success is pegged on your entrepreneurial skills. Etsy allows you to describe how the item you are selling is made and this is a great way to let your customers know just how much effort goes into each piece even if you are not the one who actually made it. Just ensure the information you give here is accurate as any incorrect information can adversely affect your business.

Understand your target audience

Etsy allows shoppers to search for specific items and even specify the size and color they are looking for. You need to take your time and understand exactly what your audience wants. What are they looking for and can you offer that? How do you make money with etsy in this case? Do you need to adjust the size of your handmade items or make them in the colors most shoppers are looking for?

Understanding the customer is the first step towards business success. Take all the time you need to do so. You can check what the leading sellers are making for inspiration. Do not copy from them but see what is making them sell more than you are. After all, being in business sometimes means doing what you love but tailoring it to suit what the customer wants.

Price your items accordingly

Pricing handmade and vintage items may be the hardest task ever. On one side you have to get enough to cover the cost of materials, time and talent. You also need to consider the customers and what they are willing to pay for your items. It gets worse if your take this as just a part time thing than enables you to make an extra buck from your hobby.

The rule to pricing your items right is to take into consideration all costs including shipping costs. You can then add a small profit mark up above the overall cost. If you quote too low, you will soon lack the finances or morale to grow your business. If you quote too high, you may put off prospective buyers. It is, therefore, important to price your market right if you want to grow your business and beat your competition on this site.

Take good photos

As the saying goes a single picture is worth a thousand words. You have to ensure that you get quality photos for your items. If you are not so gifted in this area, get a friend or a professional photographer to do your business photos for you. Do not limit yourself to just one photo for every time. Take photo from different angles to give your customer enough details of what the items they are interested in. In short take photos that will captivate your audience and actually make them buy your products.

If you choose to do the business photos on yourself, look at the numerous tips for great business photography available online. The internet has all the information you need to learn and take great photos for the benefit of your etsy business.

These are some of the tips you can use to make money with etsy. Put them into good use if you are looking to grow your business. Soon enough, that jewelry or furniture you make as a hobby may turn into a thriving business that can even be passed to the next generation.

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