5 Work-From-Home Jobs That Work!

As technology advances, the job market becomes smaller and with the high number of grandaunts leaving institutions of higher learning on an annual basis, the pressure becomes too much for companies to absorb. Indeed, the slogan has gradually shifted from ’looking for employment’ to ’creating employment and being an own boss’.

For this reason, people have taken advantage of the internet to advance their job-seeking skills and going by various accounts, there are already immense benefits being reaped in the virtual marketplace. If you are there and are constantly worrying about how to start an online home based business or simply land a lucrative online job that lets you work at the comfort of your home, then this article is for you. Join me as I take you through some of the tried and tested work from home jobs.

1. Virtual Assistant

Every office needs an assistant, someone to take care of the crucial day-to-day operations that immensely contribute to the efficient running of the organization. Did you know that there are so many companies looking for such people, only that they would need to work virtually?

A virtual assistant performs the basic duties of an ordinary office assistant, of course with a slight edge in that he is flexible and can be called upon to call meetings, draft minutes, prepare documents for correspondence purposes among many other duties regardless of the time these needs arise. Some top companies that are inconstant need of virtual assistants include Zirtual and Assistant match.

2. VoiceOvers

Many of us are gifted with a unique voice and we may never know until we try doing voiceovers. As a voice over, your main duty is to contribute the audio and spoken words in a TV commercial, documentary etc.

This is one of the many online jobs that are in high demand because companies are always looking for voiveovers to help promote their products. In fact, any company you approach, whether they are in the production, processing or service sectors, will need your services at one point or the other. It even gets better when you do it for a TV documentary because your name will appear at the end of the film and that alone is a huge chance at marketing yourself.

3. Web Developers

Web development is considered one of the best paying online jobs you can take from home and the reasons are obvious – it is a technical field that is not anybody’s cup of tea. Web developers are very few and that mere fact ensures they are always in demand.

Due to the fact that the internet is largely a web-based domain, there are plenty of companies that would require your services. Look to companies such as Craigslist, Amazon, Upwork among many more for a chance to help improve their website.

4. CV Writers

Consider the number of unemployed people looking for jobs and consider that ALL these people need a resume to help them in their job-hunting endeavors. When you are done considering, you will realize this is your chance to make a killing out of this state of affairs, however unpleasant it is.

The good thing about being a CV writer is that you do not have to market yourself to big names out there; you can simply do it on your social medial handles. You will be amazed by the number of people who will turn up requesting for your services.

5. Translators and Interpreters

As we gradually inch closer to embracing the concept of globalization, we realize we need to have a common language in order to improve communication amongst ourselves. However, we should also be alive to the fact that we cannot all speak one language, which is why it is always a brilliant idea to learn a few of the world’s widely spoken languages.

By being a bi-lingual or multi-lingual, you broaden your career scope as there are many companies or even individual clients there who could hire you as an interpreter or translator. Your job could range from translator in large e-conference meetings to being an online interpreter for a family that just hired a maid that doesn’t speak their language.

6. Online Tutors

Online tutors are another great example of online jobs you can comfortably do at home and just like translators and interpreters, they have quite a high demand. The good thing about this is that like any institution-based tutor, you can specialize on the subjects you want to major in.

Your potential clients could range from normal school-going students to adults seeking refresher courses or even those who simply never went to school and would like to learn some basic skills. Regardless of your target clients, the earnings are normally fairly high, much of the times way higher than your institution-based counterparts. Sites like GetEducated.com are a good place to start your online tutor career.

7. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is, as the name suggests, marketing done on behalf of a bigger company. In this type of marketing, you basically try to promote the goods and services of another company and then get commissions based on what you successfully sell or upon other considerations.

If you are good at marketing or are endowed with a little salesmanship skills, the affiliate marketing is a great work-from-home idea. There are many companies you could work with such as Amazon, eBay Alibaba etc. Another advantage of working as an affiliate marketer aside from the commissions is that you identify with the big brands and that alone goes a long way in enhancing your online reputations – the very reputation you would need to successfully excel in the online marketplace.

8. Travel Agent

The travel industry is one of the most lucrative service-sector industries we have today. For this reason, there are always people looking for consultancy services in this regard.

You could tap into this opportunity and start your travel agency blog where you offer advice on some of the best deals in hotels and accommodations, airline ticketing and reservation, tips to travel the world among many other ideas useful for travelers and tourists. If you are successful in this endeavor, then companies like Priceline Group, Walt Disney etc may find you resourceful and hire you as part of their permanent travel advisory.

9. Contracts and Business Plans Drafters

Many start ups are always looking for somewhere to begin and a good place to begin is to have a properly drafted business plan or contract. This is where you come in. It is worth pointing out that this job calls for professionalism and competent as most of your clients will be those in the white-collar jobs.

Training would therefore be necessary in order to carefully execute this duty but once you are skilled and are good at it, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

10. Freelance Writer or Blogger

It would be needless to think of a work-from-home job without giving much thought to writing. This is because everyone is always looking for something to read online so you could either start a blog where you share your ideas on certain topical issues.

What’s more? You could link up with sites such as iWriter, Upwork, Freelancer.com , Guru, Outsource.com etc and get hooked up to some well-paying writing jobs.

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