About Us

A little bit more about us and why we created this site.

Originally, back almost 10 years ago now, I was a freshman in college looking to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at a fairly prominent state school near New York City. While being in school, I began doing research on what kind of salaries i’d get after coming out of school, and I was shocked to see how low most of these jobs start at. After having my Bachelors, and being in debt a substantial amount due to student loans, the starting salaries wouldn’t really even touch what would be needed for me to live in the greater NYC area, pay for my loans and any other general necessities of life. I knew there had to be another way to not enter this rat race that I was about to enter into, along with hundreds / thousands of other people my age attaining the same degree I was working towards.

Now… I’ve always been somewhat technically inclined, I’ve loved the hardware side of computers and electronics, and I’ve always been more adept to learning things like software and some basic coding and scripting just from constantly being around computers and playing videos games the majority of my teenage years. While being in college I started to heavily research how to make money online. I knew there was a way to make a living as well online, I just needed to get in contact with the right people and really apply myself.

Fast forward about 10 years later, and I can tell you that making money online and supporting yourself solely with income from the internet is entirely possible. I ended up quitting college in my 3rd year from making twice as much as interns / entry level jobs with a bachelors degree at the age of 20, and It’s probably the best choice i’ve ever made in my life.

Throughout my journey though, I was constantly researching other ways to make money online. I’ll admit, i’m borderline obsessed with all the possibilities of making money from online ventures. I am constantly researching and testing dozens of new ways to support yourself with strategies online. With that said, I always found myself spending countless hours talking to people in various aspects of the industry and combing through tons of blogs, forums or whatever else I could get my hands on to learn more. There are some great resources out there to teach you how to make money online, work from home with jobs, or simply take advantage of things you probably didn’t know about to make that extra buck. So I decided i’d make a website that is entirely free where I could share what i’ve learned in my career at no cost to anyone.

So hopefully you enjoy what you read, and we’re always looking for suggestions to research new ways to make money online! Feel free to reach out to us at money@themoneyscout.com. Happy reading!